10 Tips to Paint Your Walls Like a Pro


I know I know it’s like what else could we learn this and throwing the tape I’ve got secrets of making time is right in the brush roller good stick some caulking gun loaded standing action before you get your brush or roller out few things you gotta do to get a professional result number one remove all the screws. In practice surface painting a wall number 2 and all the place in fixtures out of the way you can’t side step the step so 1st of all remove all the plates high dollar for every time I saw a plate that was painted on the wall I’ll tell you that is my biggest pet peeves only takes. A couple of seconds here’s an opportunity identify offence even broken properties to be cleaned I go now it’s out of the way OK the thermostat again remove them.

There usually install pretty simple we go Couple set screws and plugs in the walk home so somebody come along and paint that before now if your gonna change your color if you don’t clean this up and you leave it there you’ve got to painters all over to just Hi the old pic color take the 2 seconds at a tag get. The stuff audio weigh right the doorbell cover really nothing to accept its been painted in again after pop right off people just compression fit get them out here way stop painting your plastic access replace OK expect now make sure all the connections are clean. OK get rid of tape my I just a if your concern gonna lose all your screws and put them all back where they came from OK the drywall saw the vacuum covers their distant recess Cruz remove the screws The Secret here is this is actually wired so low voltage so don’t be afraid but you don’t want to be pulling this off the wall more than half inch right that’s enough for him to get your brush around again. Let’s get all the old painting a wall off their leave that 1 intact ready to go No generally speaking the last time I saw a wallet was full of pictures I had nails in it every single male Mr. Stead this a scored We have to proper walk member professional results it’s all in the preparation so yes we removed all over cover plates from gutter pain.

Here but we have to fill our holes in check for the Benson imperfections cousin telling make the wall surface perfect there’s no sense adding paint painters only puts lipstick on the pig and if you don’t want to be painting a wall big fix the wall there’s a secret have seen a lot of different things from Denver a lot of different people. I’m never go classic done right I just wiping with my hand 512 this is used to clean a brush this is used like a screwdriver this is a scraper this is designed to Dent its like little many hammer Drive was generally pretty soft so you press that into the hole and get a turn like that and create a nice big Dent and you’ll see it because actually marks the paper every time you see a nail hole. I want to released be filled which is really easy to do with drywall compound most holes are you 2nd mail in the surface explodes a little bit as well painting a wall so if you just probably live in a wipe down or or try to fill that in a little bumps everywhere. OK it doesn’t feel well so just return therefore 5 them to 45 times this is not about speed this is about perfection OK once you practice service you done right the 1st time you play these walls are gonna come out.

Absolutely gold brand new darling here’s my next secret when you’re repairing drywall surfaces Turn products on the market that I like use this to fix your holes most him or junk because they shrink when they painting a wall dry or they Flash when you painters them which means that you put that compound on any sand and the new. Uncertain light seeker still see the past shining through the painters is called flashing now hello bucket painting a wall of some pink stuff that turns white for you in work but you gotta add an extra step of https://pittsburghpapainters.com to prime those patches. Because a real frustration trying to get something done in a hurry the last thing you want is 3 layers of paint that has to try has just nuts so what you want to do is grab your sheet rock 45 you can buy this in little many bags I want to put him like a large Ziploc bag size for just a few bucks here not enough here to properly patched the entire Room but it’s easier to work with no put on your talk take a figure Credit Volcano OK who had one part water then 3 parts powder this takes a little bit of practice to get this fit right. OK what’s going on here the water is absorbing into all the mud around the Volcano OK Well compound here the reason you want to do it this way and not with this on the store is the following this stuff.

When you put it on doesn’t need to be bright this industry secret will you she rocked 45 the patch are stuff because we can patch and I could even from in a hurry I can use warm water I can throw a little bit of painting a wall salt in here because one suicide salt to the water changes that compound of the water. It increase increases the speed of the chemical reaction of the trying process anybody who’s ever mixed stuff painting a wall out in the country on well water you’ll know you got a little bit extra in their my God this stuff goes from She brought 45 she rock for a 1/2 minutes you gotta using hurry little bit more water until you got it working away want to know I got really thick paste to write now. A little bit too thick for me Faster drive however probably while looking pretty good water Unforced nice make a living whether need that whole bag is 20 kilos of powder the cost $9 telling right now going to throw little garbage so you want to be nice and creamy like toothpaste. OK but it won’t fall off the hawking make a mess right is running you got too much water add a little more power right. The secret is just worked a little bit now I will set my pocket and doing Room I got good model one side I got real to clean my knife off outside the little chunks that may have come up with painters and chunks of dirt so you watch would take this going a little hole that’s it Filled dam feeling a little bent some putting more than need almost screw school was probably the wall finished.